Fetish day with my ExGirlF

My ex girlfriend is a real bomb, moreover she never refuses a small part of sex between us. This time I offered him a small galipette in a discreet place as in the staircase of his building at a time when nobody passes. It has become so exciting to have clandestine sex with her ex, it must be said that she is not so bad. She is fine but she has a beautiful chest and beautiful feet as I love them.

Fetish as in the old days

That day I came into her building and I waited down the stairs and she came in a very hot outfit but especially she put on beautiful shoes. I'm sure it's just to provoke me because one of my biggest fantasies is to get a good handjob from these feet. She sits without saying anything, pulls my pants and pulls out my pretty tail. No word, she takes off her shoes lift her feet to the level of my cock then makes me the best dick massage I've ever had since. She presses hard and caresses next, it's so satisfying. I saw her very invested in this dream footjob that I did not allow myself to interrupt, I just put my hand above his feet and I caressed them dreaming of this superb sensation.

From maximum satisfaction

This girl is so soft with her little feet that it makes me crazy to feel her skin on my tail. It's like in the footjob scenes on www.feet9.com/footjob/, the excitement is at her top that I ended up letting go of a sperm on the feet that she receives with pleasure and she With satisfaction.

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