today, my diary, i has give a great footjob to a fetish man

Dear diary, my sex life has been another development today. I am proud of myself, I do not think this experience would be as exhilarating. Now I know how to please a man fetishist, I'll make him a good footjob.

"Excited me with feet! "

I knew he fantasized about the beauty of my feet. To please her, I put heels with open laces, thus highlighting my pedicure. This is a good way to heat and bring to me. In the hotel room, we look at one sitting next to each other and begin to lift my left leg towards his direction. I see through his eyes all his fantasies and what he expects of me. To continue in this direction, I asked her to lie on the bed and I begin to use my heels. So I start with slide gently on his chest so he could caress sensually. Yes, to my delight, he began to whisper that he wants to take away my heels. I let me do and I feel passionately teeth rub on my right leg and gently remove the endless switchbacks that were wrapped there. It then continues with the other leg, still with his teeth and the possible assistance of his hands. Meanwhile, my mouth desperately seeks the company of his cock.

"Ejaculated on my feet! "

While I lick his cock, he sucks my toe while languidly stroking my two legs simultaneously. It goes back gradually, starting from my legs to my thighs ... And at that time, I feel my wet vagina is out of my land on his face. He likes it and continues his quest to tickle my clitoris with his tongue. He said he wants me to taste the sensation during a footjobs. It hits me against the bed, ass in the air and I feel his big toe tickle pussy. It's better than a finger, I feel all his manhood. It sinks into my very deep vagina and begins to make just going Labrador. I push groans of pleasure in feeling this new experience and all that fun in me. For a mutual desire, I try to achieve its tail for another blowjob before the ultimate moment of penetration. I want him to me savagely buffers in all positions. Greyhound, andromaque and sodomy, it made me feel how much he wanted me. "Ejaculated on my feet! "C's all I managed to come out during our sexual exploits.

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